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Leading for a better world is, and has always been, in the core of YFU’s mission. But modern leadership doesn’t begin with an organization, it begins with the individual. It begins with you. So what does leadership mean? Is there such a thing as a one-size-fits-all definition to it? We believe the question itself to be slightly misleading, since leadership is not really meant to stay on the theoretical level. It’s something you do every day. And maybe more importantly, we don’t believe leadership to be something static, but something you can work with and improve.

We take the radical stance that by talking and reflecting on your own personal leadership, you will actually become a better leader. Both to yourself and others.

That is exactly why the Nordic-Baltic Leadership Course (NBLC) came into existence. It is an advanced leadership course for YFU volunteers, representing the seven Nordic-Baltic YFUs. It stretches over a month, consists of two training weekends and challenges you to bring your reflections home with you. The course will ask you the fundamental questions of how you choose to lead others, how you choose to lead yourself and what you choose to lead for. Simply put, it will provide a platform for you to better understand and develop your personal leadership skills.

It begins with you. So start right now and find out more about what the Nordic-Baltic Leadership Course is all about!